Here is a list of recommended books for inspiration and advice on landscaping with native plants.

  • American Plants for American Gardens
    Plant Ecology – The Study of Plants in Relation to Their Environment
    Edith A. Roberts and Elsa Rehmann, 1929 (recently republished)
  • Bringing Nature Home
    How Native Plants Sustain Wildlife in Our Gardens

    Doug Tallamy, 2007
  • Essential Native Trees and Shrubs for the Eastern United States
    The Guide to Creating a Sustainable Landscape
    Tony Dove and Ginger Woolridge, 2018
  • Garden Revolution
    How our landscapes can be a source of environmental change
    Larry Weaner and Thomas Christopher, 2016
  • Gardening with Native Plants of the South (Revised Edition)
    Sally Wasowski and Andy Wasowski, 2020
  • Gardening with Native Wild Flowers
    Samuel B. Jones Jr. and Leonard E. Foote, 1990
  • Growing a Revolution
    Bringing Our Soil Back to Life
    David Montgomery, 2017
  • The Living Landscape
    Designing for Beauty and Biodiversity in the Home Garden
    Doug Tallamy, 2016
  • A Native Plant Propagation Guide and Nursery Model
    Indigenous Landscapes, 2019
  • Native Trees, Shrubs, & Vines
    A Guide to Using, Growing, and Propagating North American Woody Plants
    William Cullina, 2002
  • The Nature of Oaks
    The Rich Ecology of Our Most Essential Native Trees
    Doug Tallamy, 2021
  • Nature’s Best Hope
    A New Approach to Conservation that Starts in Your Yard
    Doug Tallamy, 2020
  • A New Garden Ethic
    Cultivating Defiant Compassion for an Uncertain Future
    Benjamin Vogt, 2017
  • Planting in a Post-Wild World
    Designing Plant Communities for Resilient Landscapes
    Thomas Rainier and Claudia West, 2015
  • Pollinators of Native Plants
    Attract, Observe and Identify Pollinators and Beneficial Insects with Native Plants
    Heather Holm, 2014
  • Prairie Up
    An Introduction to Natural Garden Design
    Benjamin Vogt, 2023